Monday, January 5, 2009

When it comes down to it, a music artist that solely relies on guitars you either get garage based disaster or you find that within this setting true brilliancy shines all the way through. In the case of this artist it’s easy to hear the talent that lies behind his music. From track to track Buckley flips through well written lyrics with a sense of quiet urgency that never leaves your mind, and yet never becomes a frustrating distraction. There is a delicate and faultless poise to be heard.

If I die and go to paradise, this is the tune I want played while I wait in the queue at the pearly gates. I know it’s a sad song about someone who has just parted with a lover. But the idea of consuming lilac wine to bring back memories of love is beautiful, in the most affective sense. You can actually FEEL this song; see it, the whole thing.

Though Jeff Buckley didn’t originally write it, it's quite evident that he was the one accountable for painting this extraordinarily dramatic image for the listener. This is magic contained in a little over six amazing minutes, people.

If you didn’t know this by now, I’m a huge fan of Jeff Buckley and this track illustrates a great point about this artist. He makes every song he ever sang relevant to everyone. And with that he had a gift for making each thought, each emotion, each song apply in some unique way to each and every one of us that has had the pleasure of hearing his music. Here’s to hoping that there will be more artists like him who produce some real music.

Ever since this blog was created I’ve received a lot of email thanking me for the musical introduction. If you are new here and new to Buckley’s music you must hit the player below every post here on DWB and treat yourself to listening to one of the most talented singer songwriters that has ever set foot on this planet. As a reminder, if you can’t view the player that should be visible in each post of ‘Days with Buckley’ please hit the reload/refresh button.

Thinking about it, Jeff Buckley was one of the best kept secrets in the American music scene and I still feel that way today. Do me a favor, do Jeff Buckley a favor, do the music scene a favor, or do your girlfriend a favor and listen to Jeff Buckley. And make sure you tell your friends about him.

And that’s it. The track I’m uploading today is titled ‘Lilac Wine’.

There might be some of you who will disagree with me on my choice of music or artist even going as far as to delete me from your to-read-blog-list}, but in the end you’ll see the wisdom of my good judgment.
Until my next post, so long. I’ll keep posting as long as you all continue to listen to good music. If you’d like to see more write-ups or listen to more of Buckley’s music please feel free to go through the archive.


SK said...

Ah. Although it is an equally awesome song, the song you posted is Lover, You Should Have Come Over.

Eveline said...

Don't know where my head was when i was uploading the track. Thanks SK :)

dhivya said...


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Danni said...

Totally love Lilac Wine, and have also earmarked it as a song to play on my journey to the hereafter. Jeff's voice is sweet and heady, just like Lilac Wine...