Sunday, May 3, 2009

If you Knew

I spent most of the weekend watching television, listening to music and I really didn't get much else done. During my music listening sessions I began to realize that many of artists begin to sound much like each other. And then I got to thinking about Jeff Buckley’s music and how he just stood right out like a sore thumb (in a good way).
He easily sticks out as one of the best lyrical, inspirational and musical geniuses that I’ve heard in a while. Undoubtedly mellow, yet contemplative and calming.

I must say that Jeff’s music succeeded in making me- a very tired worn-out rump- long for his voice and that’s saying a lot. Buckley’s ‘If you knew’, is a plethora of otherworldly beauty with higher meaning and substance. Every time this song plays on, it begs to be turned up loud. I love this singer for no reason other than that! I’m not obsessed with Jeff but he can be very hypnotic. Listen to this track below and I dare you to not appreciate him for his unique sound, clever musical combinations and exquisiteness. There are songs that are better, but this track is still worth listening to just to hear him sing the words-

‘I can't go on without you
Forever and a day
I need you here beside me
Forever and a day
and no-one else betides me
I love you, I love you.’

It's songs like these that make me feel like I’m closer to Him after each listen.

He was a trendsetter in a way, creating the music he wanted, which didn’t have many follow his lead. While some of his songs did gain lots of airplay with hits like “Grace”, which saw his popularity grow until his death, the others were only known for their sound, the music and arrangements by true fans who strived to keep his music alive. I am constantly struck by awe whenever I listen to a Buckley tune because he does such a great job of conveying emotions. Every lyric details the intimacy and ecstasy of love as well as the pain that can be attached to it, but love of what? Like a good works of art his life’s words are open to interpretation.