Sunday, March 22, 2009

Eternal Life

This is a song by a person with quite possibly the best name ever. Jeff Buckley. Say that name aloud before listening to the song and you have won a free ticket to my heart. Really. From the first time I heard this song I’ve been in love with both it and the man that crafted it.

It’s just like Mr. Buckley, to make gorgeous music and fitting lyrics to go with it. For some reason this song has always reminded me of the true Jeff Buckley. Such a masterpiece, he was an amazing musician in a class of his own. Maybe it’s the line “You better turn around and blow your kiss hello to life eternal, angel” or maybe it’s this line “All I want to do is love everyone....” Whatever it is, the message of the song is the truth about roads men desire and the contradictions between what we hope and what happens and the social order. Jeff Buckley was able to convey just that. This song feels like truth to me, and I love the lyrics.

‘And tell me where is the love in what your prophet has said?
Man, It sounds to me just like a prison for the walking dead
And I've got a message for you and your twisted hell
You better turn around and blow your kiss goodbye
to life eternal angel...’

I feel if people besides the usual fans ever bought into this white guy then this song would be featured on all the greatest moments of our lives for the rest of time. I mean really, just listen to the man sing. The whole song is a sad and yet strangely hopeful message, after all we really have to do ‘is love’.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Jeff was the overall controlling genius of his music. And I really want his music and legacy to thrive. He’s a great song writer, could easily be signed by the best, and could make a killing if he were alive today. But enough on that, this song is gorgeous.