Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've been obsessed with my search for music and if there is one artist worth listening to and mentioning about, then it’s Jeff Buckley. I have to admit that I’ve known about him for quite some time but just haven’t gotten to his music until now. Tomorrow I’m heading to the music store to get myself his albums and if you're a silly fan like me, you'll consider it worth it. I don't know what to write in order to explain his captivating and passionate music. But after listening to ‘grace’ one can recognize the great and amazing talent Jeff Buckley possessed. His music spells passion, magnetism and talent beyond bounds. ‘Grace’ is one of the very best albums I've ever heard. It’s fundamental for any fan, fanatical or casual.When I finally found him, I was 11 years late. Nevertheless, I'm excited to finally discover this gifted guitarist, singer and song writer. He’s a genius (I believe so).

Lyrically, Jeff Buckley’s music floats between the quasi- religious and the out-and-out hippie-ish but for the most part it’s simple and straightforward songwriting. Buckley’s voice is the key to the songs; mellow and dark, introspective and mature.

So I dig Jeff Buckley’s music. It exists; it’s wonderful but not really known by the masses. We see the rise of music blogs such as this one. It’s Jeff Buckley’s music for Jeff Buckley lovers. I’m going to end this post with the name of the group I just joined on Facebook- ‘The World Needs More Jeff Buckley’.


DreamBrother86 said...

Hey there,
It's very cool that you dedicated your blog to Jeff Buckley! I'm also madly in love with his music! Check out my Buckley bootleg blog at


Eveline said...

Hey nice of you to drop by! Yeah... i'm crazy about him. Keep visiting :)