Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dream Brother

Lately I have seen a rash of patients with the general symptoms of early boredom with new bands, searching for new sounds, and junk disguised as music making its appearance in many parties, social gatherings and discussions. After thorough research I have determined this growing deterioration of good music to be brought on by an overdose of bands that are named after something that a madman put together. Luckily a cure for this sickness has been found in the form of a sacrosanct individual from Anaheim, CA who referred to himself as Jeff Buckley. His track ‘Dream Brother’ is the perfect dose of Middle Eastern rock and modern rhythm that is sure to cure any and all music killers from here until the afterlife.
The song ‘Dream Brother’ hits close to Buckley’s personal life. He was deeply disturbed by his father's desertion of his mother that when an almost similar situation happened with his friend, he finds this song a means to convey his feelings.
The track has a power and mystical quality about it that one hardly ever discovers in all music. When I first heard this song, I was completely spellbound. The musical succession along with Jeff’s amazing voice has made me a bigger fan than ever before.
Careful with your dosages, though, as too much of Jeff Buckley has been proven to provoke uncontrollable flights of ecstasy, decreased perception and just beyond any mystical experience.

All nonsense aside I love this track simply for the way it makes me feel. A lighter creature in a very bitter world. In some artists this clever mix of such western and eastern music elements would’ve been much criticized but with ‘Dream Brother’ it feels as if you’re really getting the best of both worlds.

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