Sunday, September 14, 2008

Forget Her

As I was looking through some pictures that were taken a long time ago of the man I wanted to marry when I was 21, I had Buckley’s tune ‘Forget Her’ playing in the background. This particular song filled me with both an aching as well as intoxication. Jeff Buckley’s music is powerful and it sort of corresponded with what I was feeling at the time- the longing: even during its most intense, layered crescendos, it has a restraint that's like running on tiptoes, and you want to give chase. Even though the song is about disappointment, the tempos force hope into the nostalgic images of missed connections with someone whom you once loved wholly. " she was heartache from the moment that you met her. My heart is frozen still as I try to find the will to forget her, somehow. She's out there somewhere now," sings Buckley over magical guitars and drums. Not for nothing has he been put on the pedestal as one of the greatest voices I have ever heard in my life.

Over Buckley’s lifetime, he’s written lyrics that are kind of open, so people can read something into it and relate to it. What's important to me is the emotion that he sings with and that’s what draws people to his music.

Alternative rock doesn't get any better than Jeff Buckley. He is everything the Rolling Stones warned you about. One of those with deeply melodic music, full of sing-along choruses and enigmatic lyrics. Take it from me ‘Jeff Buckley will change your life’.


Hila said...

I agree. This is such a wonderful blog.

Eveline said...

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