Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Year's Prayer

It’s October, which means that we should be entering the cold beery haze that leads to Christmas but sometimes, especially during the afternoons, it feels as though we’re well into the depths of summer. And that, in turn, means that if Eveline the heartbroken was writing this introduction, it’d include a “sigh” and at least one remark about how the world and it’s men have gone to dogs.

Since its Blissful Eveline doing the job though, you’ll just have to settle for one of these:

Yup, the world hasn’t left me completely torn apart. And all things considered, I think that works out a little better.

In any case, after a slight delay caused by my need to catch up on some sleep, it’s time once again for the man in all his brilliance- and here’s what struck me this week…

While I can appreciate the genius of many great sounding upcoming artists, I have to admit that there are few who match up to Buckley.

Believe it or not, I’m not going to make any value judgments about this track tonight, because in this rare instance, I feel like it’s my duty to provide facts instead of opinions to make you a more well-informed listener. With that in mind, I’d just like to point out that the ‘Live at Sin-é (pronounced as shin-ay) which originally came out in 1993 is a live EP that captures the complete understanding of a Jeff Buckley concert. The Sin- é was a cafe that featured the launch of several music careers. New Year's Prayer’ was a poem written by Jeff Buckley and Sin- é was the location that Jeff Buckley felt right at home and in effect it was there that he gave some of his most glorious work till date.

He gets everything right in this song, and that’s what I LOVE about it.

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Jay said...

One of my most beautiful moments in music was when I listened to Jeff singing "The way young lovers do" on this record.

Btw, are you still struggling with that post on "Hallelujah"? :D