Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lover you Should've Come Over

I’ll be honest; I’m not your typical city-bred South Indian kid. And by that I do mean I don’t listen to copious amounts of hip hop, rap, electronic and r&b. Now don’t get me wrong, while I was in college I definitely went through a phase where I couldn’t get enough of hip- hop, all that gangsta rappin and everything surrounding the east coast vs west coast rap. At some point during my undergrad days I just stopped listening to everything with a clever rhyme. Now don’t read too much into what I’m saying here. I still love the occasional album by Neyo, Chris Brown or Nas. I’ve occasionally been caught watching ‘Yo Mama’. Sometimes I listen to Ryan Seacrest’s top 40. But I’m done digesting everything on that scene.
I am infatuated with a particular someone but haven’t had the guts to even strike up a conversation with him. Let me simply say that every time I ready myself to say hi to him my nerves take over me. I freeze, contort myself to look absolutely mean and walk on by. I’m struggling to find a piece of land to put my feet on right now. So I take refuge in Buckley’s music, especially the track ‘Lover You Should’ve Come Over’.
What makes this track even more impressive, and what proved to be the deciding factor in me posting it here today, was that this song encompasses the magic of Jeff Buckley and has worked to calm my mind and heart as I attempt to stumble my way into a getting a hold of my feelings for this new guy.
Honestly, after listening to this track you can rest assured that this is what profound lyrics, written by a truly independent musician, are supposed to sound like. It always amazes me to discover the quantity of talent and creativity in this artist. I said it awhile ago, and I will reiterate it here again. Jeff Buckley is the best performer I have ever heard. Now, and somewhat to hedge my bets, I don’t mean that he is the most technically or vocally gifted person to ever tickle the ivories. Nor does he possess more talent in his ten fingers and voice than anyone else who has ever lived. What I do mean is that Buckley is the most consummate performer to ever sing. When he takes the stage you can’t help but feel the energy that he exudes. He is, after all, the best performer I have ever heard.


B Blurts said...

A blog dedicated to a singer!! He must be special.. I have no particular attachment to music, but I'll pick up his cd.. Keep writing :-)

Eveline said...

He is! thanks for stopping by :)