Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sorry for the slow posting over the last month or so because I had to take a much needed vacation.
While I was in Nagaland I found myself telling my family and friends about Jeff Buckley’s music, almost continually. I had started writing about his music just a over a few months ago and if you are part of the few people which access Days with Buckley then you certainly know by now that I will not lead you astray. I am not a corporate entity seeking to stuff myself full of your hard earned cash. I am a music fan seeking to promote the music- Buckley’s music, that I find to be compelling.
Now that I have stolen your attention with my clever banter and obvious intellectual superiority I must encourage you to listen to the track titled ‘Hallelujah’. After drifting through this track an almost countless number of times I have come to appreciate this song, more and more. The lyrics are stunning, what the mood and the song evoke is simple and elegant, and it might be the best of Buckley’s music on DWB.
I’m not entirely sure how to sum up this song. In short it is a delightful journey through what modern rock should be. This isn’t glam, this isn’t eighties resurgence, this isn’t something that immediately calls to mind some departed period. This is modern music as it was meant to be heard. For those of you still trying to imagine what Buckley sounds like let me take another crack at it. If you took your favorite bits of contemporary music and the vulnerable side of blues and jazz, blended those together with talent from every great artist in the world since evolution then you might be getting close to understanding the complex nature of this artist.
Seriously now dear reader, this track is amazing but it is just a taste of what awaits you when you listen to an entire Buckley album. Every single song sung is worth listening to both for their individual merit as well as what they become when spread over thirty two minutes of glorious music.
That being said I’m posting a brilliant song that should tide you over until I return with another entry on Buckley. Maybe it can serve to save your weekend.
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