Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just Like A Woman

Here we march toward the end of the year. Let this track by Jeff Buckley be the rhythm that guides you. A lot of his music are of the slow burn variety. They’re steady, consistent, and they get better the longer you listen to them. This is one of those tracks that serve as a perfect finish for 2008. The song titled ‘Just Like A Woman’ build into a sort of classic rock and strumming guitar that actually sounds better than that random string of words I just used to describe it.
What I can’t get over with Buckley’s music is that it impresses me with the amount of energy that’s somehow crammed into each and every song. Seriously, go ahead and press play and you’ll be left with your mouth hanging open. Somehow this track proves that you can add even more awesome to a Buckley track. If you’re only going to download, listen, stream or meditate on one song this month this should be it.

It’d be fair to say that this year I’ve been all about Jeff Buckley. And deservedly so. He makes fabulous music and the number of artists that have been influenced by his music are equally impressive. That’s right, I’m posting this track and you’re going to love every second of it. You’re welcome by the way. I like this track because it says so much about this woman he sings about...I wish I was that woman.

I really wish there were as many Jeff Buckley songs to post about each and every day. In the past two weeks since my return I’ve been crazy busy with work which doesn’t really allow me to indulge in pleasures such as writing about music I love.
Due to all this, what with learning a new process and the politics at work, not to mention the lovely December tradition of Christmas, I haven’t been able to sit down and breathe. I’m hoping next year’s pay check will allow me the freedom to do a lot more traveling, snagging a new laptop {Mac or Sony} and getting my game back on track. Until then make sure you check out my sidebar as there are blogs I recommend with all my heart. Seriously. Enjoy the run up to the Christmas season. I’ll bring you musical presents as soon as I can.

‘She makes love just like a woman, yes, she does
And she aches just like a woman
But she breaks just like a little girl.’

Happy Holidays and wait with bated breath for my return.

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ku2 said...

Grrlll!!! Okay, don't shoot me, because I have never heard of Jeff Buckley! And the worst part is, I cant activate your mp3 player maybe cos my net is so slow, but I'll try and download his songs. Hey, he must be really special since you have dedicated an entire blog to him :)

And i especially want to listen to his version of this song. I have listened to two versions, and I have always thought the song was kinda describing me, hehe. Hey, there's a lil bit of every woman in these lines.
Great place you have here :)